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Date of last connection: 2011-08-16

Mr. Di... C...


Current situation:

Current position:

Current industry:

Total working experience:

Job sought:

Desired type of contract: open-ended contract

Positions: Developper, Project Manager,

Industry: , ,

Available as of: end of October 2009

Desired salary:


Education level / Diplomas:

Other training courses :

Divers :


read, written, spoken: English French

understood: Chinese (notions) German (notions)



Département Mobile

Region: Ile de France

Country: France


Mr. Di... C...



Since November 2005: SAGEM MCBG
June 1999 – October 2005: SII Engineer

Since January 2009: Purple Labs then Myriad Group employee
In charge of managing a team in Chengdu – Sichuan – China developing part of the software for the ULX program
In charge of the relationship between the ULX program and the customer cares department

February 2007-December 2008:
Expatriate in NSBRD – Ningbo – China
Setting up new platform industrialization
In charge of the development of a DLL used in factory for tuning, downloading and checking the mobile phones. (Tests performed unitarily and with the final application – as in factory; long time tests performed with automatic sequences)
Setting security on the mobile phones (Simlock unlock codes and IMEI).
Interface with factory industrialization team, After Sales team and Customer Care team.

March 2006-February 2007:
Expatriate in NSBRD – Ningbo – China
Services team manager and technical expert
Setting up the R&D in China first up to SAGEM level and then improving.
After checking the process already used in R&D, upgrading it by setting up test procedures to perform.
For each project, reporting can now be done with a single file using unified the test reports.
Setting up automatic testing for qualification purpose (in order to do as much as possible and using all time available to perform the tests)

January 2003-February 2006:
OS/Driver team leader deputy
Software configuration manager for OS/Driver team (using CVS)
In charge of generating and delivering object stages every week – performed automatically in the night
Software generation management – automatic software generations with the result of the automatic compilation of the night.
Set up automatic compilation for code deliveries – around 20 configurations to manage
Interface between OS/Driver team and other software teams
First level administrator for Project Server 2003

January 2000 -October 2002
Thales Airborne System – RAFALE then MIRAGE project
Software configuration manager (using ClearCase)
Moving the source code from an internal tool to Clearcase
Software generation management – In charge of setting up the software management from the compilation of a file to the final link of the application
UNIX administrator (first level)

July 1999 – December 1999
Thales Airborne System
UNIX administrator

June 1993: Bachelor – C serie

Cover letter

Mr. Di... C...


Software development / Logiciels

Mr. Di... C...

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